About MSA

Milnerton Shooting Association

MSA offers a one stop shooting club for all shooting disciplines. We hold regular Club Shooting Competitions where shooters can complete against some of the top shooters in the country.

MSA welcomes all visitors to our facilities in order to promote the shooting sport in a safe and relaxed atmosphere. We have various ranges available, so come down and do a bit of practice or to sight in your rifle before the hunting season.

Founders Range with a length of 370m, offers 54 under roof concrete benches. The range can accommodate handguns, shotguns, and rifles.

The range is under the control of MSA Range Officers.

History of the MSA

The Milnerton Shooting Association is one of the oldest Shooting Associations in the Western Cape Province, starting way back in 1970, as the Thumbuster’s Club for Black Powder, on a range in Hout Bay.

The club has gone through several name changes since, however in 1984 with soaring membership the club decided to change their name to MSA (Milnerton Shooting Association) as several members where receiving queries from the SAPS on their Gun Licence Applications.

The Club had at this stage set-up a range in Table View, until 2003 when housing developments in Parklands became too close and the club was forced to find an alternative site. More than 50 years later, MSA is affiliated to the Western Cape Shooting Union (WCSU) and currently uses and manages the WCSU 370m Founders Range and the adjacent 25m Handgun Range. The WCSU ranges are adjacent to the SANDF Shooting Complex near Atlantis.

MSA Today

Milnerton Shooting Association is dedicated to the sport and is actively involved to promote the sport in all its forms. MSA is affiliated with many other clubs in the Western Cape area.

MSA Membership provides its members access to one of the most established shooting clubs in the Western Cape. The club holds regular Club Shooting competitions every month.

We have two Club competition categories, RIFLE and HANDGUN which are shot on alternative months. SHOTGUN is shot on the same date as the handgun competition. The competitions cater for most firearms, both rimfire, as well as centre fire. Join the club and sharpen your skills in a friendly and relaxed environment. All ages are catered for. Our oldest active member is 90 years old.

MSA gives hunters an excellent opportunity to sight in rifles before each hunting season starts.


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