MSA Shooting Development

MSA Shooting Development

The MSA Is committed to the development of the Sport of Shooting

MSA is offering Shooting Classes at all levels of training.

We have found that there are many people who are interested in, or would like the opportunity to learn the very basics of shooting.

But given how challenging it can be to get a licence in South Africa, and how complicated the world of calibers, rifles, pistols and scopes can seem at first, a great number of people simply do not know where to start.

What if you do not know anyone with a firearm?

Who do you approach?

Where do you learn what sort of shooting you would enjoy, or the very basics of how to handle and shoot a gun?

MSA Plans to address that by offering fun, professional, and above all, safe introductory classes.

There aren’t high pressure, highly technical courses; they’re not “tactical” or “SWAT”; instead MSA is offering the public a way to learn about the basics of firearm use and safety in a friendly and supportive environment.

MSA are not offering any certification, accreditation, or “military” classes, this is intended to be an accessible class where anyone, from young (with parental supervision) to old can some and learn.

There are the basics we plan to cover in our first classes:

1 Safety – how to handle a firearm

2 Range Rules – when and where it is okay to handle a firearm and when you should absolutely not

3 The basics of loading, unloading and how firearms work

4 The FUN part – un-intimidating fun and easy to handle .22 weapons. While these might be small, they  are definitely firearms. Everything you learn with these .22’s will apply to other firearms

5 How to aim and shoot a firearm

6 Once the safety and handling has been covered, we will incorporate a number of fun activities (reactive targets, swinging plates and maybe even a preview of a few iconic firearms you’ve seen in the movies

While our aim is to keep the class affordable, the simple fact that ammunition costs money will compel us to charge a modest fee.

Should you wish to find out more information or when the next class will be held, contact us.